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The Office of Building enforces all codes, laws and ordinances relating to building, electric, plumbing and mechanical installations. This office supports the Board of Code Appeals.

Building Permit and Code Enforcement Information is available online to search by property address or parcel number in order to access permit information and/or code enforcement violations 24 hours a day.

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Can all basement windows be glass block or does one have to be vented?

In most cases glass block can be installed in all basement windows, however, it is recommended that at least one vent be installed on each side of the house to provide for cross-ventilation.

Does the cost of the permit include inspections?

Inspection fees are included as part of the permit fee.

Do you need a permit for a replacement water heater?

Yes., you need a plumbing permit for the installation of a water heater. 

Do you need a permit for a concrete patio in the backyard?

No, as long as the concrete patio consists of flat concrete poured on grade with no footings. Care should be taken when placing concrete within 18 inches of your property line to ensure drainage is not directed toward your neighbor’s home.

Who is responsible for sidewalk in front of the house?

The property owner that abuts the sidewalk in question is responsible for the repair, maintenance, and replacement of that sidewalk.

Is a permit required to re-roof my home?

Yes, a permit is required to re-roof your house whether it is a complete tear off and re-roof or just adding a 2nd layer of roofing to an existing roof. It is important to note that only 2 layers of roofing may be applied. If the project is a complete tear off ice and snow shield must be applied to the roof decking. Please refer to the roofing permit brochure for more detailed instruction on roof permits.