Chair Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

We will be bending, twisting, moving and breathing using a chair for this gentle style of yoga.

Basic Kundalini Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

The most ancient and most powerful form of yoga. Kundalini is an untapped energy (cosmic power) at the base of the spine, which is coiled like a serpent. As you engage in the breath with movement kriyas, rapid breath of fire and chanting You awaken that energy to move up the spine and out into the various organs. Also cleanses your body and chakras and quiets the mind, transcending you into the awareness of pure spirit. Ultimately leaving you with the feeling of peace, joy and love. 

Kundalini Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

Kundalini yoga for abdominals, hips, legs and digestion. You will be lying down on your back for 90% of this class and the focus is on developing strength of the navel point.

Yin Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

Yin yoga is a great yoga practice that helps open up the connective tissue in the body by maintaining the positions for 2-5 minutes. Also practicing & strengthening our ability to be patient!

Kundalini Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

Another Kundalini yoga video featuring breath with movement krya’s and breath of fire. Emphasis is on loosening and strengthening the back, spine and stomach.

Ultra Slow Traveling Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

Ultra Slow Traveling Yoga is a form of yoga with no stretching, forcing or fast movements. You will be encouraged to be as relaxed as you can be while moving your body in ultra slow movements at the same time. 

Gentle Hatha Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

A Gentle One Hour Hatha Yoga Class to help you relax, quiet your mind and melt away stress.

Back and Hips Yoga with Donnie Koptyra

Wonderful yoga class without any standing. Really loosens up the back, hips, shoulders and legs!


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