Van Dyke Avenue Master Plan

Community Workshop #2

Virtual Community Workshop #2: Redevelopment & Placemaking

Virtual Mural

View our virtual Mural here!

Mural allows multiple community members to access a virtual "pin board". We have added the material from our second community workshop on 12/10 to our board for your review and comments.

Mural Instructions

  1. Click on the Mural link above to participate.
  2. Enter your name or enter as a guest when prompted.
  3. An instructions panel will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen when you first visit.
  4. You can add sticky notes, text comments, images, or other files to the Mural using the left-hand sidebar. (Double-click anywhere on the Mural space to add a sticky note.)
  5. We encourage you to leave notes and comments anywhere in the white space on the Mural board. Please do not place stickies or comments directly over content, as it will obstruct the view of other participants.
  6. This Mural will close to community input on Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. Get your comments in today!

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