Street Services

About the Division

The Street Services Division works to maintain the City's streets and rights-of-way in such a manner as to ensure safety for vehicular and pedestrian traffic as well as presenting a clean, well-groomed, attractive roadside environment. City roads (vs. county, state and private roads) are identified on this map.

Street Services provides a safe and clean road surface for vehicular traffic, adequate visual direction and a safe, maintained, and unobstructed roadside environment on more than 350 miles of City roads. The Department of Public Works (DPW) provide's excellent care to the City's streets through the following programs:
  • Roads and streets maintenance
  • Snow and ice control
  • Supplementary roadside maintenance

Roads & Streets Maintenance Program

The Roads and Streets Maintenance program strives to maintain safe road surfaces for vehicular and pedestrian traffic by ensuring adequate pavement markings. One third of all school crosswalks and stop bar pavement markings are repaired or replaced every year. Traffic control lines are painted and athletic courts are taped throughout the City.

Street sweeping of all paved road surfaces occurs at least 4 times per year on 395 miles of major, local, and county roads. This activity is responsible for road patching and shoulder grading to maintain safe roads.

Supplementary Roadside Maintenance Program

The Supplementary Roadside Maintenance program provides a safe, well-maintained roadside environment. Cutting of weeds and tall grass along all roadsides, ditches, and medians are completed multiple times per year. 

Support activities include the installation of new street signs, maintenance and repair of existing signs, and the installation of informational signs for the municipal sites and 28 developed parks. The program also works to detect, remove, and chip diseased trees and stumps.

Catch basin cleaning is another important function of this program. Catch basins are routinely cleaned allowing for the rapid disposal of storm water runoff and drainage. Drainage ditches are cleaned and the culverts are maintained to ensure adequate capacity for storm runoff.

Snow & Ice Control Program

During a declared Snow Emergency, the Snow and Ice Control Program ensures an organized procedure for snow removal of all City roads within 36 hours after snowfall ceases. This objective is achieved on 60 miles of major roads and 290 miles of local roads.