Signs of an Illicit Discharge

Stormwater Pollution

Storm drains and roadside ditches lead to our lakes and rivers. So, any oil, pet waste, leaves, or dirty water from washing your car that enters a storm drain gets into our lakes and rivers without being treated. With almost 5 million people living in southeast Michigan, we all need to be aware of what goes into our storm drains.

Never dump motor oil, chemicals, pet waste, dirty or soapy water, or anything else down the storm drain. All of these materials pollute our local lakes and rivers and can pose harm to the fish, frogs, and other inhabitants of these waterways.

Read the informational Signs of an Illicit Discharge Brochure for more information.

Macomb County Services

Macomb County Health Department has initiated a hotline at 586-469-5236, providing access to a wide variety of environmental services 7 days a week. If you are witness to someone dumping suspicious materials down the storm drain or directly into the river, you can report it by calling the hotline number.

Report Suspicious Activity

The City of Sterling Heights needs help to locate and eliminate the source of these discharges. If you see someone dumping waste, refuse or an odd-looking substance anywhere in the City, especially near the Clinton River, please call the City offices and the Macomb County Hotline number right away.

Remember, our water is our future—and it’s ours to protect!