Online Payment Help

I tried to make a payment online, but was denied access to the payment screen. What should I do now?
There are a number of things that could have prevented a customer from making a payment. They are listed in order of most common occurrence as follows:
  • Failure to have an updated browser. Customers who have very old browsers are unable to utilize the pay online service. Using a newer version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or equivalent will solve that problem.
  • Having an updated browser but not having the “browser settings” for the SSL protocol. The SSL protocol setting is needed to access the pay on-line service.
  • Encountering a corporate firewall. Many customers try to pay online during the day from their work location during lunch time for example. The entity that they work for may have a corporate firewall setting that prevents them from making any payments online.
  • Pop-Up blocking software that you are running is preventing the opening of the additional window necessary to link to the external website. You may be able to disable the Pop-Up blocker through a setting within your browser’s own options menu.
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