Information Technology

The Office of lnformation Technology is committed to excellence, and ensuring the business of government is efficient by providing an information technology infrastructure and applications that are reliable, long-term, financially viable and secure.


The three major areas of responsibility within the lnformation Technology activity are: Network Administration, Maintenance, and Operations.

Network Administration

The Network Administration section is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Wide Area Network (WAN). This WAN supports the voice and data communication needs of the City. IT provides stable and reliable network and enterprise technology systems to support the effective and efficient operation of City business. This section also assumes the responsibility for all security, configuration and back up of permanent data files.


The second area of responsibility is the Maintenance section. This section is responsible to support all City offices in the implementation and support of enterprise applications. This section is responsible for enhancements to current application and operating software which resides on various hardware platforms throughout the City. The responsibility of troubleshooting hardware and software issues falls within this area. Hardware support is provided on Windows, Macintosh, and AS400 platforms. The emphasis of this section is to standardize workstations hardware and software wherever possible. The trend has been to acquire third party packaged software rather than develop applications in-house. All communication devices, with the exception of the 800MHz radio system, are also maintained by the Office of lnformation Technology.


The third area of lnformation Technology is Operations. The Operations area provides support to all workstations, printers, telephone desk sets, telephone wall units and all wireless communication devices such as cellular telephones and smartphones.

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the lnformation Technology (IT) Office are approved by the City Manager and established by prioritizing the technology needs of the City's operating departments. IT continually strives to improve the dissemination of City information using expanded communications, computing technology, and effective telecommunications oversight.