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Posted on: October 16, 2023

Sterling Heights Fire Department Unveils Comprehensive Strategic Plan


The Sterling Heights Fire Department has unveiled its first ever comprehensive, multi-year strategic plan, which will guide the department’s operations and highest standard of service delivery in an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving. This plan is set to optimize emergency response services while enhancing the quality of care provided to our community.

The SHFD Strategic plan was developed after months of thorough research and collaboration and outlines a roadmap for the department’s priorities and objectives. The plan aims to ensure that the Sterling Heights Fire Department is enabled to provide best-in-class services, adapting to the evolving needs of our diverse population and exceeding their expectations through high-quality, progressive service, professionalism and continuous improvement. Four key components of the plan include:

  1. Communications – the department will look for ways to provide additional communication the community is seeking as well as improve internal communication within the department and other stakeholders.
  2. Staffing - to better serve the community and our firefighters, the department will work to develop dedicated crews for all front-line apparatus for all shifts, staffing a peak-demand ambulance to reduce system stress and develop a strong candidate pool through a refreshed recruitment program.
  3. Resource Deployment – recognizing the need to implement evolving best practices, the department will work to develop a data-driven approach to ensure their performance is appropriate for the needs of the community, implement emergency medical dispatch protocols allowing the deployment of the most appropriate resources for each medical call and develop a community risk assessment that creates a safer community with reduced need for emergency response.
  4. Apparatus and Equipment – the department will engage in best practices for maintenance of equipment that is always ready for emergency response and fire stations that are functional and comfortable for staff that must remain on call. In addition, the department will strive to ensure all equipment and technology is up-to-date in order to support firefighters in safely and efficiently performing their jobs.

“I am proud of the men and women in the Fire Department who work very hard every day risking their lives to keep the community safe,” said Fire Chief Kevin Edmond. “Our department is incredibly busy, and the number of medical runs in particular are growing rapidly every year. This plan provides a road map to ensure we are aligning personnel and equipment with available resources while fulfilling our top priority – protecting people and property.”

The SHFD remains committed to its mission of responding in times of crisis and providing fire, rescue and emergency medical services for those who live, work and visit our growing community. They accomplish this through preparation, prevention and community outreach. By unveiling this strategic plan and initiating the action items set forth in the plan over the next few years, the SHFD is taking significant steps to enhance its services, improve efficiency and maintain the highest level of care for our community.

“Safety is so important to building our exceptional quality of life here in Sterling Heights,” said Sterling Heights Mayor Michael Taylor. “Strategic planning, maintenance and identifying the best use of our resources will help keep our firefighters safe, and hopefully reduce the stress and burnout experienced by EMS personnel across the country so they can continue keeping our community safe by being at their very best.”