When are you open?

Please refer to our Hours & Location page for the most up-to-date information. The normal hours of operation and closures are listed.

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1. When are you open?
2. Do you have copy machines?
3. Do you have a coffee shop?
4. Do you have homebound services?
5. Where are the restrooms and drinking fountains?
6. Can I use my cell phone in the library?
7. Do you have the City Council meetings back up information?
8. Do you have a pen, pencil, paper, highlighter, ruler, note cards, paper clips, calculator, and pencil sharpener?
9. Do you sell City maps?
10. Do you have a genealogy room?
11. Where are the elevators and stairs?
12. Do you have a public phone?
13. Do you have a quiet study area?
14. Do you have a fax machine?
15. Do you have a typewriter?
16. Do you have vending machines?
17. What libraries are on MiLibraryCard?
18. Who are the Friends of the Library?
19. Where is the used book sale?
20. We would like to donate money to the library. How do we go about gifting the library?
21. Do you sell your books or order them for patrons?
22. How do I find out about events and services throughout the year?
23. My child would like to volunteer for service. Is it possible?
24. Do you need to register for the library’s programs?
25. Do you have a Public Announcement (PA) system?
26. Can I book your programming center or conference room?
27. Does the library accept donations of materials?
28. Can I get a receipt for my donation to the library?
29. Does the library offer tours for groups or classes?
30. Do you proctor exams?