It’s common knowledge that exercise is good for you, but finding the time and motivation to workout can be a challenge. For those suffering with addiction, it’s especially difficult, as physical activity often takes a backseat to getting high. But, what if regular exercise could give you a natural high similar to the chemical one that drugs and alcohol provide? Current research shows it can, and millions of Americans are beating their addictions with it.

Often individual become anxious or depressed when dealing with withdrawal from addiction, but exercise can foster healthy, addiction-free living. According to research, it’s also been shown to:

  • Reduce cravings and use
  • Decrease the effectiveness of the drugs, thus lowering susceptibility to use and abuse
  • Restore brain cells damaged by intense drug abuse
  • Produce “neurological rewards” and boost self-esteem
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Promote better sleep
  • Improve thinking and provide a positive outlook
  • Fill a void, offering structure and routine
  • Serve as a constructive coping mechanism

We have a healthier craving for you!

Sterling Heights Parks & Recreation, with the support of the Sterling Heights Drug Free Coalition, are here to support your recovery journey. Join one of our many fitness classes and make new healthy connections with yourself and others. The Recovery Connections program allows individuals struggling with addiction or in recovery to receive a 50% discount on exercise classes.

To participate in this program, please fill out the Recovery Connections application below and you will be contacted by MYSHPR within two business days for discounted payment to complete registration.

If you are in need of a scholarship greater than 50%, please fill out the Scholarship Application form here.

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