Cross Connection Control Program

A cross connection is an arrangement of piping through which water of a questionable quality or other contaminants may enter the public water supply due to backflow.

The City of Sterling Heights is committed to providing customers with safe drinking water. As part of the City’s commitment, a program to help protect the public water supply from contamination due to cross connections is in place.

Testing Backflow Prevention Assembly

The City of Sterling Heights Water Department requires that you test your backflow prevention assembly as follows:
Facilities Requiring Testing
Frequency of Testing
Funeral homes and plating equipment companies
Once per year
All industrial zoned properties and medical / dental facilities
Once every 2 years
All other commercially zoned properties
Once every 3 years

Testing Plumbing

Permits are not required for testing. The state certified tester will complete a form with the necessary information required by the City. This form should be copied and retained for your records. Once the testing is completed, and the device(s) passes, either you or the tester will either fax the form(s) to

(586) 276-4082, email the form(s) to, or mail the form(s) back to the Department of Public Works at:

7200 18 Mile Road

Sterling Heights, MI 48314

Click here for a copy of the Backflow report form.

Repairing or Installing Plumbing

However, if plumbing repairs or new installation is necessary, a permit may be required. Please contact the City of Sterling Heights Building Services Office at 586-446-2360 for additional information on plumbing repairs and permit fees.