Honorable Stephen S. Sierawski

Chief Judge

Honorable Judge Stephen S. Sierawski Stephen S. Sierawski was elected 41A District Judge in 1998. He is a graduate of University of Notre Dame and Wayne State University Law School. 

He is a member of the Polish Advocate's Association, the Italian-American Bar Association, Macomb County Bar Association, and the Michigan State Bar.

He assumed the role of Chief Judge in 2023. 

Contact Information

41-A District Court Sterling Heights
40111 Dodge Park Road
Clinton Township, Michigan 48313
Telephone: (586) 446-2500
Fax: (586) 276-4074

Case Information

Judge Sierawski's Court Docket 
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Judge's Staff

PositionNameContact Information 
Criminal File Updating Clerk
MarcelPhone: 586-446-2561
Email: JudgeSierawskiClerk@sterling-heights.net
Civil File Updating Clerk
Phone: 586-446-2535
Email: 41ACivil@sterling-heights.net
Court OfficerJoePhone: 586-446-2512
Email: JudgeSierawskiClerk@sterling-heights.net
Court RecorderLisaPhone: 586-446-2511
Email: JudgeSierawskiClerk@sterling-heights.net

All general questions and correspondence for Judge Sierawski's cases should be directed to the Civil File Updating Clerk or the Criminal File Updating Clerk. Only contact the court recorder for transcript requests. Please email court reporter for transcript request and include "Transcript Request" in the subject. 


Civil Proceedings (General Civil, Landlord/Tenant, Small Claims)
State Cases: Pre-Trials, Probable Cause Hearings, Preliminary Hearings, Evidentiary Hearings, Competency Hearings, all otherMondays
City Cases: Pre-trials, Plea Hearings, Bond Violations, Sentencings, otherWednesdays
Probation Violation HearingsThursdays
Show Cause HearingsThursdays
Motion HearingsVaries
Set Aside Conviction HearingsVaries
Jury Trials Beginning Wednesdays
Bench TrialsVaries

*Scheduling days are subject to change without notice. 

Judge Sierawski's Policies & Procedures


A stipulation and order to adjourn is required for adjournment requests and must be signed by all counsel and approved by the judge.  If approved, the signed order will be sent to all parties by first-class mail.


Judge Sierawski requires a "Judge's Copy" of all motions and responsive pleadings/briefs along with accompanying exhibits, an order and proof of service on other party.