Land Division / Combination

Application Requirements

The Application for Land Division or Combination, must include the following:

  • Proof that the parcel(s) to be divided or combined were in existence as of March 31, 1997 (the effective date of the Michigan Land Division Act): If a portion of any property transferred owners after this date, then you must complete and submit Treasury Form L-4260a which concerns the transfer of division rights.

    You may also obtain a form at our office.
  • Proof that the applicant is the fee simple owner of the parcel(s) or a brief letter signed by the owner giving permission to divide or combine the parcel(s) of property: If the applicant is not the owner when the application is submitted, the applicant must become the fee simple owner before receiving approval for any building plans by the Assessing Office. A complete Property Transfer Affidavit must be included with the application, if the property was purchased after 1994.
  • 2 copies of a section map (obtained at our office) showing all existing parcels to be included in the division/combination: The section map will be "Exhibit A" which you will write at the top of the map. "Exhibit A" represents the parcels to be divided or combined as they exist before the division or combination has occurred. Label the before parcels as "Parcel 1, Parcel 2, etc.". Also, include the legal description of each before parcel.
  • 2 copies of a survey map, drawn to scale, of the proposed parcels: The survey map must be prepared by a licensed surveyor or civil engineer. This registered survey must show the legal description and dimensions of all created parcels and the location of existing and proposed structures, land improvements, easements, streets, driveways, and ingress and egress to public or private streets. This map must be at a scale of at least one inch equals 100 feet and should show the location of wetlands or flood plain areas, the zoning of proposed parcels, and the location of existing buildings, streets, or driveways within 50 feet of the property lines. The survey map will be "Exhibit B" and will represent the parcels after the division or combination has occurred. Label the newly created parcels as "Parcel 1, Parcel 2, etc." The application should include two copies of site plans for the proposed development.
  • Tax payment: Taxes must be paid. Property taxes, special assessments, water bills and invoices attributable to the land, including delinquencies, MUST be paid in full, when billed, before the land can be divided or combined.
  • A non-refundable application fee: The fee is to be payable to the "City of Sterling Heights" of $520 for land combinations and $620 for any type of land division.
  • Address Fee, payable to the "City of Sterling Heights" of $29 per new address.

Review Period

Section 27-5(a) of the Land Division Ordinance states that the City Assessor shall approve or deny a complete application within 45 days. If an application is found to be incomplete by a department's review authority, the applicant will be notified in writing of what is required to make the application complete. If the applicant does not comply within 60 days, the application will be officially denied by the City Assessor.

Zoning Ordinance Compliance

All applications must comply with the provisions of the Michigan Land Division Act, Chapter 27 of the Sterling Heights Code of Ordinances, Zoning Ordinance Number 278, all existing building requirements, and the instructions listed above.

Additional Questions

If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, please call the Office of Assessing at 586-446-2340.