Starting a Small Claims Suit

Collection Claim Limit

The most you can collect in a small claims suit is $7,000 ($500 if the incident arose from an automobile accident) plus the costs of filing.

Required Information

Be sure you have the following when coming to the court to file the affidavit and claim form:

  • The defendant’s proper name and correct address (P.O. box is not sufficient if an officer is to make personal service)
  • The amount of the claim and pertinent date(s)
  • Two (2) copies of any papers that support your claim (bills of sale, receipts, guarantees, accident reports, estimates, leases, etc.)
  • The filing fee and service fee

Corporation Requirements

If the defendant is a corporation, a service of the affidavit and claim must be done by both personal service and certified mail, unless the name of the registered agent is known. Service may then be completed by serving the registered agent directly either by personal service or certified mail.