Additional Film Permit Information

Permit Approval

Upon receipt by the Film Office, copies of the permit application will be forwarded to the Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Development Director, Public Works Director, City Planner, and to other appropriate public officials or departments.

A permit may only be issued for a maximum of 30 calendar days before the first day of filming activities. A permit is void 30 days after it is issued unless the permit contains a more specific expiration date.

If the application satisfies the criteria of this film ordinance, the permit shall be issued within 10 business days of submission; or within 12 business days of submission if the activity requires traffic control measures, outdoor stunts, or special effects; or within 15 business days of submission if the filming requires road closures.

Rules Pertaining to Restoration

A permittee shall conduct operations in an orderly fashion with continuous attention to the storage of equipment not in use, maintenance of the area, and the cleanup of trash and debris. The area used shall be cleaned of trash and debris within 2 hours of the completion of the activity or within such other time established in the permit to the City's satisfaction. The applicant shall be responsible for restoring any area damaged or disrupted before leaving the site.