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May 16

Friendly Spring Reminders: Junk Vehicles & Firewood Storage

Posted on May 16, 2016 at 9:22 AM by Bridget Doyle

By Denice Gerstenberg, City Development Director

Junk Vehicles

Code enforcement continues to receive complaints about inoperable and/or abandoned cars in residential areas.  Please note that at all times cars must have four inflated tires, be operable and registered with the State of Michigan.

Firewood Storage

Please remember that all firewood must be stored properly not only for fire safety purposes but to discourage small animals (skunks, rats, etc.) from making their home in the wood pile. Firewood must be neatly stored in stacked piles not higher than 6 feet with an 8” open space underneath.  It cannot be stored in the front yard or within 3 feet of any side lot line.


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