Home Improvement Program

Home Repair Assistance

Do you need assistance with possible home repairs? The City of Sterling Heights may be able to help with a no interest-deferred loan.

To qualify, you must be the owner-occupant of a single-family home and be of low to moderate income. Use the chart below to determine whether you might be eligible. You must include the income from all persons living in the home. Failure to include all requested information could exclude your application from consideration.

Income Limits

Number of Persons In Home
Income Up To
1 $53,050
2 $60,600
3 $68,200
4 $75,750
5 $81,850
6 $87,900
7 $93,950
8 $100,000

Application Checklist

To be considered for this program, please return the following information and the Housing Rehabilitation Application. Please only submit copies of documents to be kept on file. Please note that not all items may be applicable to every applicant.

If you do not include the following information, your application could be delayed or denied. Please check:

  1. Completed and signed application
  2. Most current completed, dated and signed Michigan Homestead Property Tax Credit Claim Return, Michigan Tax Return, and Federal Income Tax Return, including W-2s, and 1099s for all persons living in the home
  3. Schedule C and balance sheet if self-employed, corporation, or Doing Business As (DBA)
  4. Divorce settlement (if applicable), mortgage payoff, and other liens
  5. Copy of Form 1099, if receiving Social Security benefits
  6. Warranty Deed or Quit Claim Deed
  7. Copy of current homeowner's insurance policy declaration
  8. Copy of current mortgage statement, showing how much you owe on your home
  9. A list of repairs you would like to be included in the work specifications
  10. A copy of current homeowner’s picture identification

Quotes & Bids

If you are eligible for a loan, your application will be held until your application is ready for further processing. Do not solicit quotes / bids from contractors. Only city generated and approved contractor bids will be considered.

For More Information

Return all information to Teresa Jarzab, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Program Coordinator. If you have any further questions, please call 586-446-2724.