Child Safety Seat Inspections

Child Safety Seats

Did you know 90% of child safety seats used are improperly installed? There will always be kids and there will always be new parents and grandparents caring for growing children.

Kids will continue to be at risk if adult caregivers don’t get the message that kids in their care must be properly restrained. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death and injury among children.

Parents and caregivers need to understand how important it is to have their child safety seats inspected by a certified child passenger safety technician. The Sterling Heights Police Department is dedicated to keeping our kids safe and all of our CORE Officers, as well as our Training Bureau Officers, are certified as Child Passenger Safety Technicians (C.P.S.T.). These highly trained C.P.S.T.’s can assist and give you guidance on your child seat install.

To schedule an appointment for a child seat install, please call (586)446-CORE and speak with one of our C.O.R.E Officers.

Participants are asked to bring the following items to the inspection:

  • Vehicles owner’s manual
  • Car Seat owner’s manual
  • If possible, the child that will be “properly secured” in the safety seat.

Michigan Law requires:

  • Children from birth until age 8 be properly restrained in a child safety seat or booster seat in the vehicle, unless they are over 4’9” tall.
  • Children who are eight years old but less than sixteen years old must use a safety belt no matter where they are riding in the vehicle.