Presentence Reports & Assessments

Assessments and pre-sentence investigations are conducted via Zoom, telephone, or in person at the Probation Department. 

The Probation Department is located in the lower level of the 41-A District Court, 40111 Dodge Park Rd, Sterling Heights, 48313. 

Following the court hearing during which you are referred to the Probation Department, you will report to the lower level of the courthouse for more instruction. You may have to complete paperwork at that time. If your hearing is conducted virtually, you will receive notice by email (or mail, if no email address is provided) of an appointment date and time. Please see the link below for commonly used forms and diagnostic testing materials. Pre-sentence paperwork should be returned (via email, fax, or mail) PRIOR to your scheduled appointment. 

Presentence interviews can take up to two hours to complete. Please allow for enough time in your schedule to complete the appointment. 

Appropriate attire is required at all times within the Courthouse. Persons not dressed appropriately will not be permitted to report and will be treated as a no-show. Inappropriate attire includes: clothing that displays an excessive amount of skin, gang-related clothing, bathing suits, half-tops, cut-offs, and mini-skirts. 

Children are not permitted at in-person presentence interviews, as there is not a safe space for their care. Please contact a probation officer if childcare is a barrier to your participation.  

There is a fee associated with an evaluation. It is expected you will pay it prior to your sentencing hearing, unless waived by your sentencing judge. Payment may be made over the phone, online, or in person at the courthouse. 

Commonly Requested PRESENTENCE Forms

  • Basic Information Questionnaire (PDF) for ALL presentence evaluations and investigations
  • Consent to Disclose (PDF) for ALL presentence evaluations
  • MAST Diagnostic Tool (PDF) for presentence (alcohol related) evaluations
  • DAST Diagnostic Tool (PDF) for presentence (drug related) evaluations
  • DVI Diagnostic Tool (PDF) for presentence (anger / domestic violence) investigations

If you are referred for a Domestic Violence assessment, you may be required to complete the Domestic Violence Inventory, a diagnostic test. The questionnaire can be found here