Eligibility for Early Discharge from Probation

Early Discharge (As of April 1, 2021)

If you have completed all of your court-ordered programs and have served at least half of your probation term, you may be eligible for an early discharge. You must have a qualifying conviction* and be compliant for the last three months. 

You may discuss this with your probation officer at your monthly report, or motion the court on your own or through an attorney. 

Please use the SCAO Form MC 512 (available in PDF format online, or hard copies at the Probation Department) to request an Early Discharge. The original may be filed with the Court at the Criminal Division window or through Probation; copies must also be served to the Prosecutor by mail, in person, or digitally (state matters only). 

City Matters:         City Attorney for the City of Sterling Heights

                              C/O O'Reilly Rancilio P.C. 

                              12900 Hall Rd, #350, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

State Matters:       Macomb County Office of the Prosecuting Attorney

                              1 S. Main St., Mt. Clemens, MI 48043

                              Online Motion FIlings: https://prosecutor.macombgov.org/Prosecutor-DistrictCourtMotions

The Court will respond to your notice; it takes a minimum of fourteen days once all parties have received notice. 

*Convictions that are NOT eligible for early discharge include: Domestic Violence; Assault with Infliction of Serious or Aggravated Injury; Stalking or Aggravated Stalking; Sex Offenders Registration Act with Tier I/II/III registrations; offenses using an insanity defense; Human Trafficking; Assault with Great Bodily Harm; Assault by Strangulation or Suffocation; or Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd/4th Degree.