Probation FAQs

I missed my alcohol/drug test. I was late to my alcohol/drug test.

If you missed or had a late alcohol/drug test, then you must report to the testing site within twenty-four (24) hours of your missed test and submit to a voluntary test. Missed and positive tests will be discussed with you at the time of your regularly scheduled appointment. Please be aware a missed or late test is a probation violation and you may still be sanctioned for the violation depending on your case history.

My alcohol/drug test was diluted.

Dilution is seen as an intentional attempt to hide alcohol or drug use. It is recommended that you not consume a large amount of liquids for one to two hours prior to providing a test sample. A diluted test is a probation violation and you may be sanctioned for the violation depending on your case history.

I lost my PBT logs.

Try your best to recreate your PBT log by going to your testing agency and asking them to verify your testing for the missing time period. Check your receipts. It is recommended that you get your sheet copied weekly at your testing agency or at the Court so there is an updated record on file.

I lost my support group logs.

Try to recreate your sheet by going to the people at the meetings who signed your original sheet. You could also bring in a letter from your sponsor to verify your support group attendance.

You should make copies of your log sheets on a monthly basis so the court has a recent record on file.

I moved. My phone number or email changed.  

It is YOUR responsibility to let the Court know of your new address or phone number as soon as possible. You can call (586) 446-2565 or email to have your information updated.

I lost my next probation appointment slip.

Check the court records online, or call (586) 446-2565 and someone will assist you. 

If you have a NON-PUBLIC case (i.e. your guilty plea was deferred under 7411, HYTA, 769.4a, etc and will be dismissed if you comply with probation), you MUST report in-person and with photo ID to obtain any information about your case - including probation appointments. 

I want to speak with my probation officer, but it's not time for my appointment.

Each probation officer has a large caseload and is regularly called to court. Your regularly scheduled appointment is your time to discuss your case with your probation officer. It is suggested that you keep a list of questions on your phone or written down, and bring that with you to each appointment. 

Probation officers may be available between appointments to answer questions. Please send an email to, and include your full name, your case number if available, your question or concern, and your contact information. Most emails that require a response will be addressed within a business week; if a response is not required, the email will be added to your file to be discussed at your next appointment. 

Probation clerks are available to answer general questions; however, specific case related issues should be submitted in writing via email or a letter that may be dropped off at the Probation Department. 

If you would like to speak with a specific probation officer, you may email them directly: 

Chief Probation Officer Gadioli: email

Probation Officer Finkel: email

I missed my probation appointment.

You will be sent paperwork in the mail regarding any missed appointment. Failure to report to probation as instructed is a violation of standard condition #3) Make a truthful report to the probation officer monthly, or as often as the probation officer may require, either in person, virtually, or in writing, as required by the probation officer. 

In most cases: If it is your first missed in-person/virtual appointment, you will receive notice of a new appointment date that will be in two to three weeks; however, depending on your case history, failure to appear for a single appointment MAY result in a probation violation.

If you have missed two or more appointments, you will receive notice of a court date for a probation violation.

I lost my referral for my class / testing / counseling / etc.

You may obtain copies at the time of your regularly scheduled probation appointment.

Some common referrals are available here

What should I bring to my probation appointments?

You should bring:

  • All of your log sheets: AA - NA - PBT - Counseling - Community Service Hours - Etc. 
  • Any verification that you completed a program
  • Proof of current address: Photo Identification - Utility bill - Etc. 
  • Your most recent paycheck stub
  • Monthly payment (Restitution must be paid in CASH)
  • Any other paperwork you think is relevant to your case!

I’m having trouble making my assigned monthly payment.

Failure to make your monthly payment is a violation of the court’s order. Should you find yourself in a position where you are unable to make your full payment you must notify your probation officer immediately by email: