Mission & Values

Mission Statement

Encouraging innovative living through literacy, discovery and community.

Vision Statement

An engaged community where all can discover, learn and grow.

Strategic Focus Areas

  • Elevated & Better Targeted Resources
  • Increased Staff Resources & Support
  • Enhanced Outreach & Partnership
  • Improved Community Awareness & Engagement
  • Seek an Expansion of Funding to Further Improve the Library, Staffing & Resources


  • Community Focus: Deeply understanding and matching resources to local needs.
  • Continuous Improvement: Encouraging ongoing growth and development personally, professionally and organizationally. 
  • Learning: Empowering community through life-long learning and professional development opportunities. 
  • Welcoming: Inviting everyone in through engaging staff, spaces and services.
  • Open-Minded: Remaining adaptable and unbiased in serving community needs.
  • Forward Thinking: Pioneering creative and resourceful new approaches.
  • Inclusion: Ensuring access for all through outreach, connections, and comprehensive resources.