Zoning Board of Appeals


The Zoning Board of Appeals was established in accordance with Zoning Ordinance #278. The Board performs its duties and exercises its powers as provided in Act 110 of the Public Acts of 2006, as amended. Execution of its duties are performed in such a way that the objectives of the Zoning Ordinance shall be observed and met, public safety secured, and substantial justice done. The Zoning Board of Appeals consists of 7 members appointed by City Council for a term of 3 years.

The Zoning Board of Appeals enjoys all the powers granted to it by both state law and Ordinance #278, which includes certain specific powers. Ordinance and map interpretations, modification of height, wall, buffering, screening and landscape requirements, modification of vehicle parking stalls, loading area and placement regulations, and the granting of use variances are specific examples of power granted to this Board.

The members of the Board are compensated as appointed officials. Much of its budgeted expenditures are related to the recording for the meetings, the publishing of notices or minutes, education and training, and other related matters.

The Zoning Board of Appeals meets every 4th Tuesday of the month at 7 pm.

For additional information or questions, please email the Office of Planning.

Sessions & Variances

Zoning Board of Appeals meetings are open to the public except those authorized to be conducted in closed session pursuant to the Open Meetings Act. The public is afforded the opportunity to speak at any public hearing in accordance with the Rules of Procedure and Bylaws of the Board. No business is conducted unless a majority of the members are present.

If the Board approves a variance, it shall remain in effect only as long as the facts and circumstances, as presented, continue to exist and conditions attached to the approval are satisfied and maintained. If the variance is not exercised within 12 months from the date it was granted, the variance shall lapse.


The appeal process begins by filing a notice of appeal accompanied by an application fee. The notice of appeal must specify the requirement from which a variance is sought and the nature and services extent of such variance. An official record is prepared for each appeal upon which the Board has based a decision. 

Board and Commission Member Standards

In addition to the outlined qualifications for all Board and Commission members as outlined by the City, Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals members shall seek to achieve certain standards for membership. Click here to learn more.

To see an overview of the appointment process, please click here to learn more.

To view the bylaws for the Zoning Board of Appeals, please click here to learn more.  

Annual Report

The Zoning Board of Appeals provides an Annual Report to City Council to report on the prior year's activities. To view the current and previous annual reports, click the link below. 

Annual Reports Page


  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Meets the 4th Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted
  • Administrative Liaison - Jake Parcell, City Planner
  • Case information provided by the Office of Planning 
  • City Council Chambers
    40555 Utica Road
    Sterling Heights, MI 48313

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

View Most Recent Agendas and Minutes


  • Pashko Ujkic, Chairman
    Term expires June 30, 2024 
  • Devin Koski, Vice Chairperson
    Term expires June 30, 2026  
  • Stephanie Jackson, Secretary
    Term expires June 30, 2025
  • Derek D'Angelo
    Term expires June 30, 2024


  • John Fenn
    Term expires June 30, 2025
  • David Graef
    Term expires June 30, 2025
  • Jafar Chehab
    Term expires June 30, 2026
  • Alternate: Benjamin Ancona
    Term expires June 30, 2026
  • Alternate: Saif Yousif                                                                                    Term expires June 30, 2026
  • Jake Parcell, City Planner
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