Sidewalk Programs

The City has two sidewalk programs. The Sidewalk Replacement Program is for existing hazardous and damaged sidewalk. The Sidewalk Gap Program is to complete gaps where no sidewalk exists. Property owners are responsible for all maintenance of the sidewalks abutting their property per (City Ordinance, Chapter 48-6).

Please note there will not be a 2023 Sidewalk Replacement Program.

The 2022 sidewalk replacement program started construction on July 5, 2022  Letters with estimated costs were mailed on May 19, 2022. Please see the sample letter below and program brochure for more information.     

Some punchlist items remain and will be completed soon.

If you have questions regarding the sidewalk replacement program please call Engineering at 586-446-2726.

Please note final invoices were mailed Friday, April 21, 2023.

Sidewalk Billing Letter from Treasury

Special Assessment Agreement (5 year Payment Plan)

2022 Sidewalk Program Sample Letter

Sidewalk Replacement Information Brochure

Sidewalk Policy and Criteria

2022 Sidewalk Program Address List (Billed 4/21/2023 see BS&A for invoices)  

Questions and Answers

Why has my sidewalk been chosen for replacement?

We know that you take pride in your property and want to preserve its appearance, value, and safety. During a recent inspection, City inspectors found a sidewalk abutting your property that needs to be replaced. This inspection is part of a program created to comply with Chapter 48 of the City Ordinance.

Why is replacement necessary? 

Removal and replacement are necessary to provide a safe and uniform path for you and your neighbors. 

How much will this cost?

An estimated list of costs for your lot is provided in the attached letter. On a residential lot, you are responsible for 100% of the sidewalk across your frontage. If you own a residential corner lot, the City will pay for 40% of the costs of the first 150' of the side yard. You will be responsible for 100% of the costs for over 150' of the side yard frontage. If the sidewalk needs to be replaced across the rear of your residential property, the City will pay for 100% of the cost. The City will pay for 100% of ramp replacement at intersections and sidewalks damaged by City Utility Structures. The City will send you an invoice after the program is completed, itemizing the charges for work done. 

Will there be payment options? 

You may choose to pay the amount due after receiving the invoice, or enter into a 5-year payment program with an interest rate not to exceed 6%.

How can I replace the sidewalk? 

You have three options:

  1. Allow the City's contractor to replace the sidewalk as part of this program.
  2. Hire your own contractor.
  3. Do the work yourself.

If you choose option 1, the City’s contractor will be in your area and will replace the sidewalk at your expense. There is nothing else you need to do.  

If you choose option 2 or 3, you must obtain a permit from the City's Office of Building Services and complete the work before the date given in the attached letter.  Any contractor obtaining a concrete permit must have a valid Michigan Builder's License. 

If you have the walk repaired, you must notify the Office of Engineering to be removed from the program.

Can I replace additional sidewalk? 

If you wish to have additional sidewalk or approaches replaced by the City's contractor that has not been marked by City inspectors, a form is available from the Office of Engineering that must be completed by the property owner.

May I have private work done by the city contractor? 

Any additional work on private property (driveways, porches, patios, etc.) would be a private agreement between you and the contractor. The contractor will be required to obtain a separate permit for this additional work. 

Will the contractor restore my lawn after the work?

Usually, only a few inches of grass adjacent to the replaced sidewalk is disturbed. This strip will be filled with topsoil, compacted, and seeded after the concrete forms are removed. A healthy lawn normally spreads quickly to the edge of the new sidewalk.

What about my sprinkler system?

The contractor will repair sprinkler system damage caused by the repair process. The City nor the contractor will reimburse you if you choose to have the damage fixed on your own. To help avoid any problems with the sprinkler system, please mark the location of the sprinkler system with paint or flags.

What about sidewalk damage caused by trees? 

For environmental reasons, the City does not remove trees from the public right-of-way except for dead or diseased trees. For additional information on city street trees, please refer to the "City Street Tree and Stump Removal Policy."

Where tree roots have displaced the sidewalk, roots will be removed prior to new sidewalk installation. A healthy tree should survive this process. Homeowners are responsible for the replacement of all sidewalks damaged by tree roots whether the tree is on public or private land. 

Is the sidewalk work warranted? 

Sidewalk that has been replaced as part of the City's Sidewalk Replacement Program is warranted for a two-year period. Flags of sidewalks which have been replaced as part of the City's Sidewalk Replacement Program due to street tree root damage are warranted for a 10-year period. The determination for sidewalk replacement will be made based on the existing sidewalk replacement criteria. Please be aware that fresh concrete should not be salted for a recommended three-year period to prevent pitting.